Tonya Gilmore’s “something to run from”


EP artwork by the Daniel Moreira Project

Thanks to Raven’s Flight Records, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Tonya Gilmore and Noah Hall to produce 20  of  Tonya’s songs, the first 6 of which have taken shape in the form of an EP, titled “something to run from” and soon will be released into the world. Much to the world’s delight, I suspect.

Tonya Gilmore

Tonya Gilmore

For the better part of the first half of this year I have had the pleasure of working on so many really great songs written by a wonderful songwriter who also just happens to be a very talented singer with a  unique voice.  Oh, she’s also highly intelligent, clever, strikingly beautiful, and has quite impeccable timing and performance skills. What could be better than that? Well,  it does get better. Co-producing the songs with Noah Hall, the musical yin to my yang is always a pleasure and a rewarding experience. I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it weren’t for him. I got to meet and work with a small group of enormously gifted musicians, including Nathan J. Anderson, who I had  watched and admired for years as he played any instrument needed with some of my favorite bands, Mark Powers, whose percussion talents and general awesomeness I am continually in awe of, and Dr. Joeseph Harchanko, who contributed some amazing cello arrangements and performances to the project.  Of course, it is always great to work with long time friends such as Rich Swanger, who lent his beautifully textured voice to Coat Cold, and more recent friends like Rob Harris, who gave us just what we were looking for when and where we needed it.  All of these fine folks were absolutely instrumental (pun intended) in the recording of the songs.

So now, dear reader,  comes the really good part, you’ve waded through my gushing and made it to the exclusive preview stream of the first three tracks from Tonya Gilmore’s upcoming EP, Something to Run From:

Update: Visit Tonya’s website to stream the whole EP and find links to purchase:

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