Vegetative State is a small recording studio working with labels and independent artists to produce their music. Clients find it is a comfortable, relaxed environment equipped to record, mix, and /or master their music project at up to 24bit 192k using great new (RME, Chameleon Labs. Focusrite) as well as vintage analog (UREI, SSL) equipment and state of the art software. The mic locker includes Soundelux, Oktava, Beyer-dynamic, Audix, AKG, Shure, Rode, EV,  Apex, and Cascade Microphones. A compliment of instruments featuring vintage Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, and Martin guitars as well as vintage Martin and Epiphone mandolins are available, as are a Wurlitzer spinet piano,  Roland and Nord Keyboards, and a host of virtual instruments. Various curio instruments are also available, such as vintage Yamaha and Wurlitzer student keyboards.


Clients find careful attention to detail is given to their songs and a focus on helping them realize their vision and potential in a fun and relaxed environment at VegetativeState. Producer/Engineer Stan Keightley Jr. has spent most of his life working with music and making recordings, and is committed to helping local artists bring their music dreams one step closer to reality. Though most of the work done at VegetativeState is in cooperation local labels, please inquire directly about recording, mixing, or mastering your project at VegetativeState.


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