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I recently had the chance to work with Brette and Blake to produce their first studio project.  Brette and Blake write really catchy, fun songs that are easy to love and listen to on repeat. Their sound has a lot of depth, ranging from lo-fi synth & guitar pop duo, to the haunting and beautiful instrumental piano and cello piece, “Swim”.

Brette Irish sings, plays keyboards and piano, and co-writes the songs with Blake. She has a beautiful, sweet voice and a lovely sense of melody. She also rocks the keys and piano, artfully blending the playful and serious into performances that are fun to listen to.


Blake Ferrin sings, plays guitar, co-writes the songs, and is essentially the band’s producer, in my opinion. Blake is a great songwriter, a solid guitarist,  and knew exactly what he wanted their songs to sound like. It was really fun to work with a young talented musician like him that has such clear ideas and comes prepared to work efficiently in the studio.


Most of the songs for the project were tracked piece by piece, with each part closely matching Blake’s vision, and a great vision it is. The only exception being “Swim” which was tracked live in the same room shortly after Jennifer Jordan first heard the song.  I love the way it captures the immediacy of playing a beautiful melody together for the first time. You are just hearing two people playing together in the room, captured by two microphones. It’s a little noisy and imperfect, but in the best way, I think. If you listen closely, you can hear the label guy, Carson Hughes, walking around and making noise in the studio during this track.


Several talented local musicians lent their time to help put the album together, including Sam Estes and Casey O’Brien on drums, Jennifer Jordan on cello, Tom Ferrin on trumpet, Noah Sachs and Trask Shulte on bass, and Andrew Tenant on lead guitar. My daughter and I even got to pitch in on group vocals.


Stream of the first three tracks:

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